Sunday, December 18, 2011

Go It HD!

Hi folks. I revisited an old rotoscope project I did back in '06.

It was a music video for the song, "Go it Alone" by Beck from the album Guero.

I decided that it looked like crap on Youtube because of the size and quality.

So I figured Id make an HD version of it.

Also, during the original project, I didnt have enough time to do any significant post production. So this time around I cleaned up the frames, color corrected, re-cropped, and even redrew a few scenes.

Make sure you expand the video to your entire screen and watch in HD!

Thanks for watching.

Go It Alone from Ryan Guimond on Vimeo.

1 comment:

ChloƩ Biocca said...

Hi ! I was wondering if you had made this animation on top of a real video ( with real people moving) to get the frames and movement ? Or if you have done it with just images in your mind ? It is very very nice, the shading and textures look great and the movement is very smooth and alive. Bravo !